Hello everyone,

Welcome to my blog, sorry for the lack of updates but my connection was being quite bad and I also got married which took me a week to get sorted.

Anyhow, so finally today i’ll get to cover and review one of my favourite bag ever.

The Céline classic box (you can also check my video here).

So the small one I ‘ve had for quite sometime but I really wanted the black one so in the end I saved up and splashed out.

So first i’m going to introduce you to the mini one:

photo (4)
Celine classic box mini

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IT bag review: the pros and cons of Céline trio bag

Hello everyone,

So as you know, I have revamped my blog. I’ve also decided to start making vlogs and review bags, shoes, whatnot. Most of all being IT items (because what’s all the fuss right?), let’s not jump on the bandwagon unless it’s really worth it.
I have decided to start this weekend with my favourite bag of the moment, the Trio bag by Céline.

The review you can obviously check on my channel (and sorry for the bad quality videos i’m only just learning and trying).
And for those who do not wish to go through all the blah blah blah you will get the point via this post.

Céline trio bag small in black lambskin
The Céline trio bag

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