Hello everyone,

Well it’s been some time now, but i’m back with hopefully, something that may stir your interest.

Of course you may see it live here.

So what do we have today? Well a review of one of the most coveted bag in the blogosphere.

Yup, only just that.

The bag is a bucket bag by Mansur Gavriel.

Yes that bag that you’ve seen nearly everywhere but were never able to buy.

It was very tricky for me to locate one within europe since everything was sold out. Even in the US.

So the bag in question is a regular sized bucket in cammello leather with azzurro interior.


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Last week’s ootds


Last week’s OOTDs were so gloom I feel ashamed sharing them. Lack of creativity mainly due to the weather and me not wanting to go back into my winter clothes.

Also It was also the week I tried to find the so coveted MANSUR GAVRIEL bucket bag.

Which I actually managed to sort out, just not in black (but I guess with the summer arriving the camello one with royal blue interior might be better suited).

But don’t worry black you will be mine in time for autum and winter.

Otherwise this was also the week I tried to get back to healthy eating (which was not easy when i had that flu that lasted three weeks).

I’m going back to business nearly as usual since last week on.

Or let’s hope so.

Mansur gavriel, healthy food, favourite summer shoes

Mansur gavriel, healthy food, favourite summer shoes

Styling your feet, my many shoes


With summer approaching i’ve decided to show you my choices for this summer.

This article will switch between what’s hot and what’s old.

givenchy, chanel, céline and isabel marant in my shoesing

givenchy, chanel, céline and isabel marant in my shoesing


  • My Givenchy (black heeled sandals 6.5 cm), these sandals are probably the most comfortable sandals. The small heel is a god given gift. They can make boyfriend jeans look hot and make your legs look so hot and sexy. I have tried the ones at Mango and Zara but have to say I wasn’t able to wear them. The ones I bought at Zara were 89€ and the ones at Mango were 60€ making it a striking 150€ for shoes that in the end I will not wear. The Givenchy were bought on yoox (I believe the were less than 300€) but I have one spare heel studs that I can actually change and the sandals are just perfect. The heel height, the strap is super comfy and seriously although I have swollen feet during the summer these have proved to be perfect. From day to night. My rate on the ratio price/comfort/quality? A striking 8/10
  • My Céline bam bam (black strap and mirror heeled sandals 6.5 cm), these sandals are from the Spring Summer Céline collection. They were bought on sale from Barneys NY. However with duties and import they ended up costing around 750€ which all in all is quite a sum. They are probably the hottest (as rare goes) sandals I own, however I’ll be honest with you, the strap is one heck in the neck. I have been wearing them for a while and the leather doesn’t seem to go any softer. Thankfully the heel is comfortable. Would I suggest you go after them? If you have thin feet then yes, do go for it. I have wide palms so it’s not easy for me. I was however able to wear them half a day (a very hot sunny day). My rate on the ratio price/comfort/quality? A low 6.5/10. The quality is really THERE I mean the sandals were made in italy from amazing italian leather but the strap is quite something to handle.
  • My Isabel Marant Étoile (black Birkenstock style slides), these slides have been all the rage since Phoebe Philo made them fashionable again. Well I have to say I adore them. Worn with beautiful BLACK nailpolish (or white) they really do surf on the whole minimalist vibe we’ve all seen. They are THAT comfortable the price was more than correct (290€). Originally I wanted the Céline tie ones but the harrowing 550€ made me question my big love. In the end i’m pretty chuffed with my Isabel Marant, the japanese inspired look really adds a little touch of special to these slides. They are made of lambskin leather (so probably not the type of slides you would wear to the swimming pool and or the sea). They were made in Spain. I have to add that they are of lower quality than the CÉLINEs so if you’re willing to splurge… For my part I think it’s good enough since no one where this trend is going to take us. Right? What’s more for me with my swollen summer feet they are just perfect. My rate on the ratio price/comfort/quality? A striking 9/10
  • My CHANEL espadrilles (the double CC gives it all away), these espadrilles have gone to cult status, so I guess you all know about them. They cost 390€ from the CHANEL cambon store. The sole has been highered up and the rubber is thicker than last year’s. You can obviously read my review of the espadrilles here, for me they are good to walk at the seaside, in cities, at work, a true multitasker. The only lowdown would probably be the price. My rate on the ratio price/comfort/quality? a striking 8/10


So these were my thoughts regarding some of the hottest trends regarding summer shoes : sandals, espadrilles and slides. Do I regret any purchase? a little bit the CÉLINE but since i dreamed of them day and night, it felt like closure getting them. Regarding the mango and zara I would definitely say it’s best to invest in ONE GOOD PAIR than a few bad ones that’ll bruise your feet). Thanks so much for reading and see you soon,



CHANEL Paris-Dallas boy bag : review

Hello girls,

So I’ve been promising you and since I’ve been a lover and owner of a chanel boy bag for quite a long time i figured id be doing a video for you guys.

The bag in question is from the latest collection Paris-Dallas. It’s going be available from June on in shops.

Chanel is always a good idea

The boy is a darling black pearl with gold brass hardware.

The size is a medium one (not the new medium just the regular). It has been made in France and shines lightly under electric lights.

The size is : 25 cm W x 17 cm H x 7.5 cm D

The most beautiful Boy bag in the world thanks uncle Karl

The most beautiful Boy bag in the world thanks uncle Karl

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Last week in outfits

This week was all about,

Matching my wedding handbag with my first ever hermes clic H bracelet, trying to put with the constant rain (with my maison Michel rain hood), shopping at chanel for more espadrilles and more handbags (beautiful crazy black boy with gold hardware), wearing more stripes, trying my best at dressing like a contemporary girl with zara skirt and acne boots, wearing the sexiest heels on earth (givenchy), being like the weather and dressing like a girl or a boy

CHANEL Espadrilles – IT shoes of the summer?

Hello girls,

As promised i’ve finally finished my CHANEL espadrilles review. You’ve seen them everywhere, from what shit bloggers wear to celebrities. I remember swooning over those about two years ago and I’ve been lucky enough to wear some every summer since I realised one had to QUICK to snatch them up.

Here you can watch my video of unboxing and presenting those lovelies.

So what makes those espadrilles so special? Well I’m not going to lie, the fact that it’s CHANEL does bring one of the major point girls wanna wear them. The logo stitched on top of it is one of those logo moment we all have (and I was never a big fan of the 80’s).

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My week in outfits

Hi Babes,

So this week was all about my birthday, lovely bouquets, random gifts, random outfits.

I had the displeasure of falling sick on my birthday evening so I wasn’t really able to put up with cool outfits.

However most of my outfits included: givenchy sandals, valentino va va voom, celine knot bracelets, zara jeans, balenciaga boots, acne boots, chanel boy bag, hermes items, vita fede bracelet and my faithfull celine trio bag.


IT bag review: the pros and cons of Céline trio bag

Hello everyone,

So as you know, I have revamped my blog. I’ve also decided to start making vlogs and review bags, shoes, whatnot. Most of all being IT items (because what’s all the fuss right?), let’s not jump on the bandwagon unless it’s really worth it.
I have decided to start this weekend with my favourite bag of the moment, the Trio bag by Céline.

The review you can obviously check on my channel (and sorry for the bad quality videos i’m only just learning and trying).
And for those who do not wish to go through all the blah blah blah you will get the point via this post.

Céline trio bag small in black lambskin

The Céline trio bag

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Romantic hues and thrills

Is it me or this summer proves to be extra romantic?
Ok I am getting married, other than that I have to say that those romantic and girly shades are getting into me.
Fret not? I suppose I should be after all Paris always proved to be good at destroying anything cute, girly and in a soft shade.
Damn pollution.

Shoes for the wedding, im expecting to dance, so decided to get some short heels.

Shoes for the wedding, im expecting to dance, so decided to get some short heels.

If you wish to shop alike…