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Hello Everyone,

As I promised… this is a review of a bag so many girls own. Because the price is much lower than a big CHANEL bag and also because it has that look!

You can watch the live review here

So today i’m reviewing the wallet on chain by CHANEL, the boy version. In black leather lambskin.

This retailed from 1600€ in Paris.

the size is as follows: 20 cm X 13 cm X 4cm



Last week’s ootds

Hello all, Today I'm sharing my outfits. We had a fantastic weather and it made it possible to wear nice clothes. So what I wore the most were : Zara wrap skirts linen tees (my obsession of this summer) Isabel Marant slides (such a comfy IT item) and i just got...


Hello everyone,

Well it’s been some time now, but i’m back with hopefully, something that may stir your interest.

Of course you may see it live here.

So what do we have today? Well a review of one of the most coveted bag in the blogosphere.

Yup, only just that.

The bag is a bucket bag by Mansur Gavriel.

Yes that bag that you’ve seen nearly everywhere but were never able to buy.

It was very tricky for me to locate one within europe since everything was sold out. Even in the US.

So the bag in question is a regular sized bucket in cammello leather with azzurro interior.


Last week’s ootds

Hi, Last week's OOTDs were so gloom I feel ashamed sharing them. Lack of creativity mainly due to the weather and me not wanting to go back into my winter clothes. Also It was also the week I tried to find the so coveted MANSUR GAVRIEL bucket...

Styling your feet, my many shoes

Hiya, With summer approaching i've decided to show you my choices for this summer. This article will switch between what's hot and what's old. givenchy, chanel, céline and isabel marant in my shoesing   My Givenchy (black heeled sandals 6.5 cm), these sandals are probably the...

CHANEL Paris-Dallas boy bag : review

Hello girls,

So I’ve been promising you and since I’ve been a lover and owner of a chanel boy bag for quite a long time i figured id be doing a video for you guys.

The bag in question is from the latest collection Paris-Dallas. It’s going be available from June on in shops.

Chanel is always a good idea

The boy is a darling black pearl with gold brass hardware.

The size is a medium one (not the new medium just the regular). It has been made in France and shines lightly under electric lights.

The size is : 25 cm W x 17 cm H x 7.5 cm D

The most beautiful Boy bag in the world thanks uncle Karl

The most beautiful Boy bag in the world thanks uncle Karl

Last week in outfits

This week was all about, Matching my wedding handbag with my first ever hermes clic H bracelet, trying to put with the constant rain (with my maison Michel rain hood), shopping at chanel for more espadrilles and more handbags (beautiful crazy black boy with gold hardware),...

CHANEL Espadrilles – IT shoes of the summer?

Hello girls,

As promised i’ve finally finished my CHANEL espadrilles review. You’ve seen them everywhere, from what shit bloggers wear to celebrities. I remember swooning over those about two years ago and I’ve been lucky enough to wear some every summer since I realised one had to QUICK to snatch them up.

Here you can watch my video of unboxing and presenting those lovelies.

So what makes those espadrilles so special? Well I’m not going to lie, the fact that it’s CHANEL does bring one of the major point girls wanna wear them. The logo stitched on top of it is one of those logo moment we all have (and I was never a big fan of the 80’s).


My week in outfits

Hi Babes, So this week was all about my birthday, lovely bouquets, random gifts, random outfits. I had the displeasure of falling sick on my birthday evening so I wasn't really able to put up with cool outfits. However most of my outfits included: givenchy sandals, valentino va...