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Maison Valentino : Rockstuds and VAVAVoom reviews

Dear all,

So today i’m going to be talking big houses, the one with history and glamour. One of the nicest, chicest italian houses.

I nominate (sorry couldn’t help the icebucket reference here), Maison Valentino.

So you probably all know that Valentino was formed by Valentino Garavani in Roma in 1960.

Valentino has always been renowned for its « red » color, very specific and quite different from any other reds around.

Anyway, in 2008 a duo (female and male) tookover the house and was able to give it that new Oomph factor.

The Rockstuds has been one of its best creation and the bags are not at rest either.

Shoes for the wedding, im expecting to dance, so decided to get some short heels.

Valentino rockstuds, Valentino Vavavoom

Because I find them so utterly chic and feminine, I splashed out on one pair of rockstuds flats, kitten heels and Vavavoom three way handbag for my wedding.

The color I fell in love with was the Powder (P 45) one.

You can watch my video here

So what I think about the bag

The Vavavoom, although the bag has a fantastic leather quality, the three way (clutch, shoulder and cross body) is really fantastic, the price is also correct, i was not very fond of the poor quality magnetic snaps used to close the bag.

So the bag is really beautiful, the color is so candid and pretty, yet … I have to be careful whenever I use it because of the snaps which don’t really close well. It’s a bit sad. I would however recommend it if you bought it just as an evening clutch, you have lesser problems.

Being in Paris I really couldn’t deal with the 3 minutes it took me to shut the vavavoom.

Maison Valentino

Vavavoom, maison valentino rockstuds

The rockstuds:

Well I had been dreaming of these for a while and they were not my first pair. So having both the kitten heels and the flats I can definitely say that one does not go without the other one. They are the most comfortable pair of sexy, feminine and statement making shoes.

Yes, I am truly in love and just totally heartbroken that my kitten heel suffered from my wedding (the story is I actually danced on some beyoncé with my best mate and nearly fell over some rock, which ruined the back of one of my slingbacks), anyway I am heartbroken, so much that I may end up buying another pair, just because they are great. My favourite combination are probably the black and powder one. I once owned the noir and i REALLY appreciated them too. So rock chic(k), very cool with leather pants in the mid season going into fall.

The price is quite steep but they’re worth the money (compared to louboutins)…