Hello everyone,

Well it’s been some time now, but i’m back with hopefully, something that may stir your interest.

Of course you may see it live here.

So what do we have today? Well a review of one of the most coveted bag in the blogosphere.

Yup, only just that.

The bag is a bucket bag by Mansur Gavriel.

Yes that bag that you’ve seen nearly everywhere but were never able to buy.

It was very tricky for me to locate one within europe since everything was sold out. Even in the US.

So the bag in question is a regular sized bucket in cammello leather with azzurro interior.


The size is : 12.25 X 10 X 6 (or 24 X 32 X 17 in cm).

So a few things to know about the leather:

          • it scratches easily
          • this one is a natural tanned leather and therefore… tans (yes yes), if you leave it too often near the sun it will have a lovely patina
          • you may have to babysit it a little if you don’t like scratches 
          • the leather is so special that the natural leather changes and can get some lines for example (like mine does).

So let’s move onto the pros:

- beautiful handcraft, mansur gavriel really is following their promise of a beautiful bag, natural and made with italy’s best craftmen

- the leather is really good and the stitching is just awesome (base is stitched and the interior too)

- the lovely color inside which is different

- most definitely the model is just awesome and beautiful so minimal

- the price tag (obviously this one retails for 495$ in the US and 460€ in europe)

- you can stuff everything you want in (which brings us to…)

the cons:

- the bag is really huge, I mean even for a tall person however if i had known they had a small bucket (don’t worry i’m on waitlist for a black with blue interior)

- the leather scratches easily (and some girls said they were disappointed that bag would tan over time as they wanted a real camel that would not change hence a treated bag)

- it’s really hard to find one, locate or even buy one (the next shipment will be in november)

- the strap could have one more hole for small people (the strap)

- the bag may be stiff at the beginning gain in subtlety over the years

the ratio quality/price is a stunning 8/10


here are some of the variations concerning this cammello babe

Mansur Gavriel helps us find our favourite combination

Mansur Gavriel helps us find our favourite combination

and if you want an idea of what it looks like worn? this is me modelling (sorry i’m not a model)

sassykimchi with a MG bucket bag