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As I promised… this is a review of a bag so many girls own. Because the price is much lower than a big CHANEL bag and also because it has that look!

You can watch the live review here

So today i’m reviewing the wallet on chain by CHANEL, the boy version. In black leather lambskin.

This retailed from 1600€ in Paris.

the size is as follows: 20 cm X 13 cm X 4cm



So… let’s move on to the pros:

- you get the classic chanel boy look for 1600€

- the chain makes an easy daily life bag

- well it’s chanel we’re talking about

- the sizes and 6 slots for credit cards, the big pocket for money, the front pocket under the flap for the metro tickets or parking lot ticket, the passport pocket, the major compartment for the phone and keys. Let’s be honest this small leather garment is really easy for everyday use, even if you’re a mother and need your hands free

- the small size is good for evening events

- obviously if you cannot afford the big boy this can make up do for having something chanel and make your dreams come true

now obviously we have some cons:

- the boy wallet on chain costs more than the regular wallet on chain (classic timeless WOC is +- 1300€)

- if you have a big smartphone it may not be the easiest

- the lambskin is VERY fragile, for example here the woc has been in its box since I bought it and there are marks (and not even the chain). Maybe they were there when I bought it. It’s not damaged but it has chain marks which I hope my client will not be upset about

am I not pretty?


  1. Thank you for the thorough review. It’s a beautiful woc, but so hard to come across in Chanel boutiques recently. Would you share when you found it? Is it a permanent item?

    • it’s very hard to come accross one. I was just very lucky on this one. I bought it thinking one of my clients will probably be interested and one indeed was. It’s sort of permanent but stock is highly limited.

      Kind regards,

    • Hi,

      Unfortunately this is not a permanent item. They receive some every now and then. I have put a grained caviar one with gold hardware on my ebay if you’re interested.
      Best regards,

  2. Hello, I’ve got exactly the same …. very very nice woc… very happy with it.

  3. Bonsoir!
    post très intéressant et le woc est magnifique en version boy. sauriez vous si il existe en version caviar leather?


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