CHANEL Paris-Dallas boy bag : review

Hello girls,

So I’ve been promising you and since I’ve been a lover and owner of a chanel boy bag for quite a long time i figured id be doing a video for you guys.

The bag in question is from the latest collection Paris-Dallas. It’s going be available from June on in shops.

Chanel is always a good idea

The boy is a darling black pearl with gold brass hardware.

The size is a medium one (not the new medium just the regular). It has been made in France and shines lightly under electric lights.

The size is : 25 cm W x 17 cm H x 7.5 cm D

The most beautiful Boy bag in the world thanks uncle Karl

The most beautiful Boy bag in the world thanks uncle Karl

It comes in either black, navy or red.

All have the beautiful brass colored hardware.

I strongly believe that the bag will be sold out very soon because chanel makes little amount of gold colored hardware.

Anyhow what makes this bag such a hot shot in the IT item?

Also being a hopeless romantic, let’s not forget the name of this bag, Boy was the nickname of coco chanel ´s once in a lifetime big LOVE. He died prematurely unfortunately and she was never really able to find the commitment and the same love afterwards. She was a woman who although seemed strong had been in an orphanage. I think Karl nailed it with the name. We are all entitled to bring our boy (you can name your boy after your loved one) along with us everywhere and isn’t that what a bag is made for? To carry what we love the most with us everywhere? Allowing us for independence (the chanel mademoiselle is for me the easiest bag ever and comes first in my heart even before the Birkin).

Anyway let’s be practical!


- the perfect size let’s be honest for me the medium is just perfect to fit all of my essentials and most of all fits my frame I’m petite
– it can fit my wallet, my keys, my hand cream, my iPhone charger, my sunglasses, my lipstick and last but not least my RATP metro pass
– it can follow me from day to night juggling with the chain it can be worn cross body and or as a shoulder bag
– the fact that it’s got such a sturdy chain makes it a staple especially with all the stories of girls getting their handbag stolen via ripped strap
– well it’s bloody chanel of course it always gets huge starry eyes whenever I wear my boy

– the price tag the bag keeps increasing and is sold out super fast in the store, i’ve never seen a chanel bag go so fast. it’s like HOT CAKES
– depending on the leather I have found my calfskin boy to be a real « war machine » able to put up with ageing, the CHANEL lambskin is very luxurious and takes a little bit more taking care of
– the bag has a sturdy chain which is sort of heavy

Result: we do end up with more pros than cons. I assume the biggest asset would be the price tag, but this is CHANEL we are talking of, a brand that’s been going stronger and stronger over the year, mostly thanks to Karl Lagerfeld who has been able to up his game non stop since he took over.

Chanel Boy

Chanel Boy

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  1. Hi Sassykimchi,
    Thanks to your reveal (my hubby probably won’t thank you), I went out and got this same bag but in the new medium size as I’m almost 5’6″ and the old medium looks a tad too small on me! You were right about this bag being a very popular choice. They literally flew off the shelves and were all sold out within the first week. I really love your aesthetic and think you have great taste! Looking forward to seeing more reveals and reviews from you! Xx

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