CHANEL Espadrilles – IT shoes of the summer?

Hello girls,

As promised i’ve finally finished my CHANEL espadrilles review. You’ve seen them everywhere, from what shit bloggers wear to celebrities. I remember swooning over those about two years ago and I’ve been lucky enough to wear some every summer since I realised one had to QUICK to snatch them up.

Here you can watch my video of unboxing and presenting those lovelies.

So what makes those espadrilles so special? Well I’m not going to lie, the fact that it’s CHANEL does bring one of the major point girls wanna wear them. The logo stitched on top of it is one of those logo moment we all have (and I was never a big fan of the 80’s).

20140526-153553-56153275.jpgHowever Karl really nailed it. I mean they are season after season sold out in as fast as it can to say OMG.

My pros would be :

- they are comfortable

- with the new sole they are sturdier and can probably last much longer than one summer

- because it’s chanel you can actually go as far as wearing them for an evening (yes, yes), imagine the scene summer, a beautiful evening at the restaurant, that dress, that bag and those espadrilles that keep you comfortable? you imagine it? well we all do that’s what makes them special

my cons would be :

- the logo is much of a giveaway but well.. it is chanel after all

- the price tag

- every IT girl has them

Any other suitors? Well yes of course, for me and in my heart the CÉLINE PARIS espadrilles do come a close second. First of all they are cheaper, second the sole is made of leather, and third no logo and that brilliant pair of fancy espadrilles. The only con is that they’re very much more of a classic espadrilles and it’s impossible to wear them at some dressed up event whereas the chanel can do the job.