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Anine Bing

Hello All,

So I really wanted to tell you about Anine Bing.
Ok if you follow blogs like I do you must probably know about her.
She’s that exquisite scandinavian blond musician/stylist.
Well for more than a year I have lusted over her designs but I was a bit scared to buy from the US (with the duties and whatnot).
I suppose you probably know that I finally indulged (lol).

So let’s move onto the serious stuff

Anine Bing Sandals and Boots

Anine Bing Boots

Anine Bing boots with Gold studs


First thing first, the detailing of the boots are very good for a new brand I have to say that I am amazed.

Second point for me was that they were made (proudly) in the USA, not wanting to throw tomatoes at other american designers (who let’s be honest manufacture bags in china), Anine Bing

has that great point of getting her stuff made locally if possible.

The third point was the leather quality which is amazing, the leather is very supple and they are soon extremely comfortable

The fourth point was the stitched sole (yes yes, i’m one of those boring old fashioned jerks). I like the idea of asking my cobbler to give a new life to a beloved pair.

So the retail price from Kure Dansaert are 589€ (a pretty good price if you don’t want to order from the US). They ship via UPS (takes a day or two).

I took my usual « boot » size which is 37. My feet are a bit wide.

Well, it’s still summer right?

So let’s move onto … sandals

Anine Bing Pyramid stud sandals

Well the sandals rose rapidly into a huge blogger thing.

So obviously I had to have them. I have to point out though, that they were very soon sold out.

I was lucky to snatch my usual ‘sandal’ size (36).

They fit true to size I find, I also own a pair of balenciaga and I have to say in quality they do compare, in comfort, well they don’t.

Big kuddos to Anine for making such edgy, afordable, fabulous looking and comfortable sandals. I must poinr out too that I have swollen feet in the summer and they are good for me most of the days.

Ok so very happy about my purchases.






  • Rebecca Lau

    Hi Sassy Kim Chi,
    I absolutely love watching your YouTube video reviews especially about your Chanel Bags. I live in Los Angeles and Anine Bing has her flagship store there. If you need anything from her, feel free to let me know.

    Personal stylist